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Pregnancy is often considered a miraculous and life changing event. Undoubtedly as you continue your pregnancy you will have questions about your own growth and development and that of your baby. Many mothers wonder throughout their pregnancy whether their symptoms are normal and wonder what changes are occurring each week with their baby. This website was created to inform you of those changes during each week of your pregnancy.

As parents it is common to worry about whether your baby is developing normally. One way you can comfort yourself is by understanding what goes on during each week of your pregnancy. It is important you keep up to date with the changes going on in your body and with your baby. During each pregnancy week we’ll discuss important facts that will help you better understand the changes occurring in your body and the developments occurring in your baby. We’ll also provide you with inspiring tips for overcoming some common pregnancy side effects and concerns

If you are looking for up to date information about the changes occurring in your body and your baby’s body during pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place. Each week we’ll explore important information that will help you cherish your pregnancy.  

The First Trimester of Pregnancy

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

The Third Trimester of Pregnancy

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