Your Pregnancy Week 35

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your symptoms and changes during the 35th week of pregnancy.

Your Baby

By pregnancy week 35 your baby weighs in at a whopping 5.25 pounds and may be more than 18 inches long!

Changes In Your Growing Baby

Your baby is still putting on more fat to keep her safe and insulated after delivery. Most babies suckle reflexes are fully developed now, meaning your baby can start breastfeeding right after delivery. If born before 35 weeks pregnant most babies may need some support while eating, though with patience and effort many succeed even with breastfeeding!

Your Body's Development

Your uterus is measuring quite large at six inches above your navel. You have probably gained anywhere from 8-32 pounds by now, though every woman's weight gain is different.

Changes in Your Body

Many women have extreme mood swings from about 35 weeks pregnant and on. Ok, many women have mood swings their entire pregnancy, but you may find them particularly dramatic around this time. Don't worry incessantly however about the little things in life during this time. Now should be a time where you sit back and relax and try to enjoy the final weeks of your pregnancy.
It's easy to find things to worry about during this time. As your pregnancy continues week to week you may for example feel more anxious about delivery. Your best bet however is to take some time and relax. Talk to other mothers who have had good labor and delivery experiences. This will help relax you. There are some studies that actually show a mother's anxiety about labor and delivery may actually delay labor, and that is something you probably want to avoid as you reach the final weeks of your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that women have been giving birth since the beginning on time. No matter what your worries you are bound to do a spectacular job. Even if you have no siblings and no experience parenting trust us, after a few weeks you will get into the swing of things. Your natural parenting instincts are bound to kick in and you will do a fine job of raising your little baby.
You might start thinking about who you want to accompany you in the delivery room around 35 weeks pregnant. Some women prefer to have many family members present, while others prefer a quiet delivery with just their partner. The decision should be yours entirely. You should feel comfortable and safe in the environment you give birth in. This will help you relax during your labor and delivery.

Be sure you share your concerns, worries and excitement about delivery and the birth of your baby with your partner. Now more than ever it is important you keep the lines of communication open. You may find that you share many of the same worries and concerns, and can laugh together and support each other together from here until the delivery.

During the last few weeks of pregnancy you should definitely consider a prenatal massage or two, particularly if you haven't already. Pregnancy massage is wonderful for relieving minor discomforts including pain and swelling. You may also find during a massage you are better able to calm your fears and settle your anxiety. You will also appreciate the hour to yourself. Prenatal massages provide exceptional health benefits for expectant mothers, whether delivering for their first time or third. Many centers offer prenatal massage include wellness centers, spas and chiropractic centers. If you reach pregnancy week 40 some even offer acupressure to help stimulate labor and delivery! If someone asks what they can do for you suggest a prenatal massage. You'll be glad you did!

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