Your Pregnancy Week 30

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your symptoms and changes during the 30th week of pregnancy.

Your Baby

By pregnancy week 30 your baby already weighs in at roughly 2.9 pounds and is just about 15.7 inches in length!

Changes in Your Growing Baby

Your baby continues her amazing growth and development. By this time your baby is working diligently to fill out your uterus each and every day. You have probably noticed your tummy at times looks like a foreign object. Your baby will stealthily as time goes on move an arm or a leg or both across your belly every now and again. Many parents enjoy this time tremendously and try to identify what body parts are moving from here to there as they continue their pregnancy journey.
While you may find it difficult to discern one body part from another, know that a long, hard flat surface is probably your little one's back, while a slightly rounder surface may be your tiny ones bottom! You can check in with your doctor at healthcare visits to confirm or disprove your beliefs!

Your Body's Development

The amount of amniotic fluid in your tummy will start decreasing slowly as your baby continues to grow and takes up most of the space in your uterus. Your uterus has likely reached around 4 inches above your navel now. Though you may think it impossible to grow any further, you still have 10 weeks to go!

Changes in Your Body

There is no question in your mind that by 30 weeks you are definitely very pregnant. By now your body's production of progesterone is increasing. You may find that you are having more trouble sleeping comfortably at night as your tummy expands. A pregnancy body pillow may help you feel more comfortable at night, so invest in one while you still can. You'll find a pillow brings tremendous comfort even after you give birth!

Some women find they have a hard time shifting from one position to another. Consider wearing slippery or silky pajamas paired with silky sheets. Believe it or not this can make it much easier shifting positions at night when you feel big and bulky. If you are having much difficulty sleeping at night try to make up for it by catching a brief nap or two during the day. Some women find they sleep best in a semi upright position or in a recliner where they can rest comfortably without having to shift their tummies from here to there.
You are also likely a bit off balance. During the last trimester of pregnancy certain hormones in your body have caused your joints to loosen to prepare for delivery. This may actually shift your balance. Other women find their feet grow an entire size during pregnancy. Unfortunately this is not a side effect that will go back to normal after pregnancy. Don't fret, just by a comfortable pair of shoes. Speaking of, you'd do well to wear a comfortable pair of shoes or slippers a little big during delivery. Some women swell up quite a bit after an epidural and find they are unable to put their shoes on for the ride home. A pair of comfortable slippers will easily solve this problem and make for a convenient ride home.

Speaking of epidural, you might consider thinking about pain relief now that you are 30 weeks pregnant and entering the final weeks of pregnancy. There are many options for a laboring mother. Natural birth means no pain relief. Fortunately there are a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques a mother can use to relieve their pain if they choose natural child birth. Many find natural delivery an extraordinarily intense but rewarding environment.

There are also analgesics or narcotics a healthcare provider can administer during delivery for short term relief of pain during labor. These may last several minutes to an hour. The epidural is often considered the gold standard for pain control during labor and delivery. Typically this is a combination of an anesthetic agent and narcotic delivered during labor into the lower back. Typically an epidural takes 20 minutes to take effect and can last several hours. Most women find this the most comprehensive form of pain relief during labor and delivery.

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