Your Pregnancy Week 28

Learn about your symptoms and changes during the 28th week of pregnancy.

Your Baby

By the end of pregnancy week 28 your baby may measure more than 14.8 inches long and weigh in at roughly 2.2 pounds.

Changes in Your Growing Baby

Up until this point in time your baby's brain resembled a smooth surface. By roughly this time in pregnancy your baby’s brain begins to mature, forming tiny grooves and canals that we typically associated with the human brain. Some baby hair will grow and lengthen starting now, though many babies will remain bald until weeks after birth. Some babies will be born with a full head of hair that not only falls out but also changes color shortly after delivery!

At this time your baby will be developing lovely eyelashes that will blink lovingly at you after birth.

Your Body's Development

Your uterus climbs to about 3 inches above your navel. Your uterus should measure roughly 28 centimeters tall by this point. You'll notice your weight gain may pick up a bit and remain fairly constant from this point on during pregnancy. Many women gain as much as a pound a week as they approach their third trimester.

Changes in Your Body

In one more week you will have reached your third trimester! During 28 weeks pregnant some women will receive a RhoGAM injection if they tested Rh-negative at the start of their pregnancy. This will prevent your body from becoming sensitized to your baby's blood should it mix with yours during pregnancy. Fortunately one injection is all it takes to provide ample protection through delivery.

Most babies have less than 3 percent body fat by the time they reach the 28th week of pregnancy. Despite this you have probably gained up to 24 pounds already. Some women will have gained more and some women will have gained less. Remember that the weight you gain during pregnancy helps provide protection and comfort as well as nourishes your baby throughout your pregnancy.
,br> You may find a massage very helpful during pregnancy. A massage can help alleviate some of the lower back pain and leg cramps you may be experiencing due to your increasing girth. Other women start experiencing some mild swelling or itching around this time which surprisingly massage can also help.

Most women start seeing their doctors more frequently. You will probably start scheduling appointments once every two weeks until you are about 36 weeks along. Thereafter you will start seeing your doctor weekly until delivery. Your doctor will keep a close eye on you to monitor you for signs of labor during this time.

If you haven't had a baby shower yet now is the time to start planning. You may find several people offer to throw you a baby shower. You can always suggest that they get together to plan a single event. Many women delight in spoiling themselves a bit during the last few weeks of pregnancy. Why not, you deserve it!

Before you get too big and bulky you might start considering stocking up on some nursery supplies. Be sure you are armed with a steady supply of diapers, wipes and onesies before delivery. While you don't actually have to set up your nursery, you will need to change and clothe your baby before delivery! Some women prefer to set up their nursery after their bundle of joy arrives. This can work to your benefit. When friends and family members ask what they can do to help after delivery you can suggest they get down to the nitty gritty and help decorate the baby's nursery.

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