Your Pregnancy Week 22

Reviewed by James Brann, MD
Learn about your symptoms and changes during the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Your Baby

During pregnancy week 22 your baby is roughly 7.5 inches long and may weigh in at more than 12 full ounces!

Changes in Your Growing Baby

Your baby is continuing to mature and develop. As you continue your pregnancy your baby's organs continue to develop and mature at a remarkable pace. Your baby's internal organ systems including your baby's digestive and reproductive system continue to develop and mature.
Your baby's eyelids have completely formed as have your baby's eyebrows. Your baby should also have trim fingernails by this point in time, which will be in need of a good trim immediately after delivery!

By this time your baby's organs have already differentiated and specialized in their function. Your baby may even start showing some unique features. Tooth buds and full lips may be in place for example, in some baby's as early now.

Your Body's Development

Your uterus is probably almost an inch above your navel. Your belly still isn't large enough to pose a major hazard while moving about, though you may find it a little awkward performing some of your natural dance moves or favorite exercise routines.

Changes in Your Body

During 22 weeks pregnant some women begin developing stretch marks. Don't panic if this is you. There are a variety of lotions and potions that can help limit their severity and help improve your skins elasticity. Some women find that their stretch marks fade into almost non existence a few short months after delivery.

When you get stretch marks and how bad they get is largely dependent on your genetics. Take a look at your mother. If she developed lots of stretch marks during pregnancy there is a good chance that you will too. Some women will get stretch marks on their tummies while others will develop them on their breasts, thighs and even waist as their pregnant belly expands. Most stretch marks vary from light pink to white to purpose or even dark brown. This largely depends on your natural skin color.

Keep in mind that you should wear your stretch marks with a sense of pride. Many women take great pride in knowing their stretch marks are a sign they accomplished the Herculean task of carrying a newborn baby around in their bellies for nine full months. There are even websites dedicated to showing off mother’s stretch marks or 'war wounds' from pregnancy.

Whether or not you are trying to prevent stretch marks you should consider a rich moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and subtle. Itching is a common side effect of your growing belly that many women start experiencing at this time. Fortunately a good moisturizer applied twice per day can relieve severe itching associated with dry skin and your expanding belly.
Right about now you may have noticed your belly button has popped out. This is perfectly normal. Don't fret, as most navels will pop back 'in' shortly after delivery.

If you haven't already take a good look at yourself fin a mirror. Many women are blessed with a unique pregnancy glow during pregnancy. This often results from increasing levels of blood circulating to your skins surface. While you may suffer more frequent break outs during pregnancy you will probably still experience the infamous pregnancy glow. If nothing else it will alleviate the need for blush during your pregnancy and help you appear refreshed and invigorated. If you find your cheeks seem overly flushed take heart knowing that this side effect like most pregnancy side effects will also fade shortly after delivery.

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