Yoga during Your Pregnancy

Reviewed by James Brann, MD
Did you know that doing yoga during your pregnancy has a whole lot of beneficial side effects? Aside from keeping you in a great mental state of relaxation, peace and tranquility, yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for an expectant mother.
Prenatal yoga puts you in a state of well-being, so you should make the time to do it, even if your time is limited. Just a half an hour a day, four times a week will help you through the week. Whether you watch a yoga DVD, or go to a yoga class in your local area, or watch prenatal yoga instructors online, the benefits of yoga during pregnancy are plentiful.

  • Improves Circulation:
    You may be feeling swollen and bloated, but yoga diminishes swelling by opening up your pores when you perspire. As your muscles become elongated when you practice yoga, your flexibility and mobility increases, which promotes circulation through your veins and joints.
  • Strengthens Immune System:
    Doing any kind of exercise improves your immune system, and with yoga this is especially true. As mentioned, the blood flow moves fluidly through your system, which also enhances your immune system.
  • Gives You Improved Breathing Techniques:
    Prenatal yoga is a specialized type of yoga that is designed for pregnant women. Although any type of yoga is beneficial, this specific type helps you learn breathing techniques which you can use during labor and delivery.
  • Develops Strength and Stamina:
    Some women have a baby in just hours (or less) after going into labor, while other women have a tougher time. Along with the breathing techniques, prenatal yoga helps you improve your stamina. This can come in handy in case you have any complications in the delivery process.
  • Releases Tension in Neck, Shoulder, Lower Back, Hips, and Legs:
    Many women complain of having a sore back due to carrying the extra weight of a baby during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. Prenatal yoga helps to relieve this stress and pain by elongating and strengthening those muscles.
  • Eases Stress:
    Whether you are pregnant or not, stress is something that happens from work, personal relationships, or even traffic. Stress will not go away, but yoga calms the nervous system by putting you into a relaxing mindset.
  • Assists Digestive System:
    Going along with the calming of your nervous system, when your body is going through a parasympathetic mode of relaxation, it helps your digestive system to work properly, especially for those who also incorporate a healthy eating routine as part of their prenatal regiment.
  • Promotes a Healthy Mindset:
    Self-care is something women often overlook in today’s busy lifestyles, but doing yoga forces you to slow down for a minutes and make time just for you. It can make you more in tune with your body as you learn more poses and you will also be more in tune with the baby growing inside of you.
Even if you are new to yoga, it is one of the easier types of exercise to get into. There are a lot of great programs available online, or you can seek local pregnancy and prenatal yoga classes in your area. If you have never tried yoga, what are you waiting for?


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