Seven Great Organic Baby Products

Reviewed by James Brann, MD
If you are searching for things for your baby that are not only good for him or her, but also good for the environment, then buying organic products is a smart investment. Although sometimes they may be more expensive, this is not always the case, and the benefits often outweigh the initially higher price.
One reason many parents are choosing organic baby products is because of the latest research – within only the past year or two – that points to plastic-based products as being one of the culprits of childhood obesity. More specifically, a component used in plastic that is known as phthalates has been linked to children who are overweight, because apparently this particular “ingredient” blocks the body’s ability to metabolize food as it normally would. Plastic is common in many toys, pacifiers, and many grooming products, such as shampoos and cleaners.

Other “bad things” found in non-organic products includes BPA, which is an industrial chemical found in many common plastics and epoxies. Although the FDA has claimed that BPA is safe at low levels, many parents have realized the concern over BPA as it has been used in many plastic containers and food storage products since the sixties. It has also been used in water supply lines and dental sealants, so look for products that are “BPA” free.

7 Top Organic Baby Products

  • TEETHERS & RATTLES by Baby Earth: Babies always put things in their mouths, so make sure that when they do, the products are safe. The Baby Earth eco-friendly products are BPA-free and phthalates-free, so you can be sure that when your baby wants a toy to play with that these earth-friendly baby toys are a top choice!
  • WEE GO GLASS BOTTLES by Life Factory: Since many parents have learned of the dangerous and toxic things that can be lurking in plastic, some concerned moms and dads have made the switch to glass bottles. Although they are more expensive, they last a lot longer than plastic and so they rarely need to be replaced unless they get lost. These glass baby bottles are truly unique and colorful, making them even more fun for babies to grip and hold. Everything is made with non-toxic, latex and plastic-free materials, including the nipples.
  • NURSERY BEDDING & QUILTS by Pottery Barn: When your baby sleeps on organic sheets and bedding, you can be sure that your little one is safe. Safe from allergy-filled fibers that your baby can breathe in, with the potential for asthma and other respiratory problems down the road, or even the dangers of SIDS. The Pottery Barn baby bedding collection is really adorable and well made, with organic, cotton percale and pure cotton batting. The high thread count ensures your baby’s comfort and a good night’s sleep.
  • HEMP/COTTON DIAPERS by GroVia: Diapers certainly make their scar on our environment, as millions of them enter landfills each year. Yet, most parents hate the idea of clunky cloth diapers and pins, as well as the hassle of cleaning them. The GroVia diapers are a great alternative for eco-savvy parents who also like to save money on buying boxes of diapers. These diapers snap on with a soak-able and absorbent hemp/cotton soaker pad, so when the child soils it, then you can simple remove it from the waterproof shell and snap in a new one. Not only is this a clever invention, but a great way to save thousands of dollars on diaper expense over the time the infant turns into a toddler.
  • MOBY WRAP BABY CARRIER: Finally, something you can find as easily as going to Target department stores, or you can order these clever baby wraps online at many organic baby outlets and depots. These adorable “sashes” let you keep your hands free and your baby close to you with a totally organic, stretchy material that uses no buckles, snaps or fasteners, which makes it very safe to use and easy to clean. It can be manipulated to several different positions and is made of wonderful cotton.
  • BABY BATH PRODUCTS by Burt’s Bees Baby: Actually all of the Burt’s Bees Baby collection is just wonderful. There are so many great organic products, they cannot all be listed. If you are expecting a baby or want to give a unique and remarkable gift, the organic gift sets and bath products are made with 100% safe, chemical free shampoo and baby wash, lotions and even organic baby clothing, towels and accessories that are soft, plush and luxurious.
  • ORGANIC BABY APPAREL by Under the Nile: It can be difficult to find organic, comfortable and affordable all in one, but Under the Nile has scored with an adorable collection of beautiful baby clothes and blankets, burp cloths, bibs and onesies that don’t cost any more than regular clothes you would find in a department store. Their products are made from organic cotton and are free from pesticides, chemicals or dyes that can be found in some clothing, especially the cheap kind. Dress and swaddle your baby in these insecticide-free baby clothes, grown with organic cotton from a biodynamic farming company. You’ll feel good as a parent knowing you are doing something for the global community, as well as keeping your baby well-protected.

Organic products are good for the health of your baby, but they are also a great way to help the earth. Parents who make a conscious decision to buy organic products, whether it is food or clothing or toys, are doing a very responsible thing.


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