How Meditation Can Make You a Better Mom

Reviewed by James Brann, MD
Being a mother is really, really trying at times. From the time children are born, there are daily moments of frustration and stress involved with parenthood. Any woman who tells you any differently either has the world’s most well-behaved kids, or is fibbing. With that said, it can be very tough sometimes to keep your cool and to stay sane during those really nerve-wracking moments.
Of course, having children has its share of joyful moments, too. If you are a mother who is searching for a way to experience more of those joyful times and less of the stressful ones, then meditation may be one solution that will work for you.

Meditation keeps you focused

Meditation is a technique that re-channels your attention away from the chaos outside of your mind and brings you back into yourself. Therefore, the more you meditate, the less hectic things seem. There is science behind it and the brain reacts to the tranquility of meditation by bringing you a new, soothing energy that “zones out” the external madness of your immediate world.

Hence, meditation is not only a great tool for mothers, but for anyone who experiences stress. Anxiety, worry, frustration and anger can all trigger stress responses that cause havoc to your health, so by implementing meditation into your daily ritual, you will learn new coping mechanisms that can help you deal with stress and anxiety in a positive way.
Meditation also affects your level of creativity, which is particularly important as a mother. Being creative is not only essential to help you teach your children, but is something you must continue to embrace for your own wellbeing. Whether you are creative at cooking, writing, painting, taking pictures, speaking, teaching, or within the parameters of your career, creativity is the essence of being human. Since you already know that meditation helps you focus, that rechanneling of your mind also helps to nurture the creative zones in your brain. You will be able to think of new things to do, including turning your child’s attention away from whatever they are doing to get on your nerves in the first place.

People who regularly meditate are more level-headed, which also equates to more compassion and empathy. When you learn how to control your emotions, you can also see the “brighter” characteristics of other people, including your own children.

Enjoy less stress through mediation

Along with motherhood comes the need for multi-tasking, especially if you have more than one child to care for. One child might be asking for a drink, while the other is crying because he is hungry or in need of a diaper change, and at the same time your phone is ringing and the buzzer just went off on the dryer. Don’t forget about the dog wagging its tail, patiently waiting for you to let it out. With so many things to do – all at the same time – how can you handle the multitasking of motherhood without totally losing your mind? Meditation.

Meditation improves your memory, focus and keeps you on your toes. It enables you to perform better under high-pressure situations. You can quickly assess the most important task and handle all of these things, without freaking out or having a total meltdown. Basically, meditation will make you more patient and mentally capable than a mom who does not do any type of meditation. This is a scientific fact, because the act of meditating improves your cognitive functioning throughout the brain.
So when the babies are crying, or the toddlers are throwing tantrums, or when the kids are fighting and whining, you can stay somewhat calm. Meditation will not keep the kids from getting on your nerves, but it will help your nerves to remain cooler and less apt to react in anger.


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