Natural Ways to Increase the Odds of Having Twins

Reviewed by James Brann, MD
Some people love the idea of having two babies simultaneously. Especially couples who know they want more than one child, the idea of “getting it all over with” at the same time seem attractive. Kind of like a buy one, get one free incentive, right? Another reason some parents think it would be neat to have twins is because they know that the child would have a built-in playmate, rather than being an only child. Twin babies always share a special bond, even more so than traditional brothers and sisters who are born relatively close in age.
Are there any ways to increase the odds of having twins, without IVF and fertility treatments? In Vitro Fertilization does increase the odds of having twins because the doctors often place more than one fertilized egg and sperm within the mother, hoping that at least one will thrive and survive. Sometimes this results in having more babies than a mother bargains for. Can you imagine having triplets, quadruplets or more?
If two babies are what you desire, there are a few factors that can increase the odds naturally. Bear in mind that conception is always beyond human control, since a lot of hypothetical scenarios, statistics and miracles must come together magically in order for the twin phenomenon to occur.

Here Are 8 Things Which Can Increase Your Odds of Having Twins Naturally:

  • 1. Biological Clock Ticking: Women who are older, yet of still child-bearing age may be more susceptible to twins. That is because as a woman ages, the body often produces less eggs, but to make up for it, the hormonal changes may push through some two-egg cycles after her menstrual period. If a woman becomes pregnant during this hormonal change, she may be more likely to get pregnant with twins.
  • 2. The Mother Carries a “Twin Gene” In Her DNA. If the female has relatives on either her mother or father’s side of the family who had twins, that means she is more likely to hyper-ovulate. For instance, if a woman’s grandmother was a twin or if her parents have twin siblings, then the odds are stacked in her favor of carrying this gene.
  • 3. Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding may increase the odds of having twins. Although nobody knows exactly why this occurs in some women, it is suspected that the relationship between breastfeeding and a woman’s reproductive system triggers this. The ovaries are saying, “I’m fertile!”
  • 4. If Both Parents Have a Family History of Twins, then this can increase the chances, but the hyper-ovulation gene is not passed on to men. However, if a woman gets pregnant with a man who is a twin himself, this may increase her chances of having twins.
  • 5. Women with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30+ are more likely to have twins, perhaps as nature’s way of making sure that a woman can take care of two babies at the same time. So if you want to increase the odds, don’t be afraid of those plus sizes!
  • 6. Becoming Pregnant Right after Quitting Use of Birth Control Pills may increase your chances of having twins. That is because when a woman gets used to the hormonal regulation of the pills within her body, it may be shocked once that stops. During the readjustment phase, this can trigger a woman’s ovaries to release two eggs simultaneously. In the off chance that both of these eggs become fertilized, you can expect twins.
  • 7. Women Who Have a Higher Intake of Dairy Foods and Products are five times more likely to get pregnant with twins, so start drinking more milk and eating more cheese.
  • 8. Taking Cassava Supplements. Similar to a sweet potato, studies of women who ate a lot of cassava were more likely to have twins. It somehow kicks the hyper-ovulation gene into play, making a woman more apt to releasing two eggs at the same time. Folic acid and B-9 supplements might also help.
Once again, there are a lot of things that must come into play in order for twins to really happen, but if you are doing some of these things, then you may increase your odds of having twins naturally and without any fertility drugs whatsoever. Good luck!


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